31 Bills Affecting Owners Associations Under Consideration by Texas Legislature

Thirty-one bills affecting property owners associations have been filed in the 84th Texas legislative session, which officially ends June 1, 2015. Sixteen of the bills were heard before committee on April 14, 2015. Although some of the bills intend to tweak and fix existing statutes, many propose brand new laws.

Bills heard on the 14th include: HB 971 and 1072 (Board qualifications); HB 1178 (prohibits exclusive fuel contracts); HB 2147 and SB 864 (restores secret ballot voting); HB 2148 and SB 862 (voting methods); HB 2594 (redevelopment of golf courses/country clubs); HB 2797 and SB 1168 (omnibus bill for subdivisions); HB 3460 (flags); HB 3539 and SB 1626 (solar devices); HB 3089 (high rise fire sprinklers); SB 1852 (Chapter 211).

Bills heard before the 14th include HB 748 (liquid propane tanks) and HB 2999 (firearms and ammunition). Two bills are out of committee, waiting on a vote in the House: HB 745 (solar powered stop signs) and HB 939 (electric generators). The remaining eleven bills have not yet gone to hearing:

HJR 125 and 55 (proposes constitutional amendment prohibiting associations from interference with free exercise of religion): HB 1335 (attorneys’ fees cap in foreclosure); HB 1442 (tree removal); HB 1455 and SB 834 (condominium litigation); HB 2489 (prevents association from requiring copies of leases, charging fees for rental units and interviewing tenants); SB 283 (condominium foreclosure); SB 284 (foreclosure); and SB 1244 and SB 1535 (reducing vote needed for amendment to declaration).

View the complete text of pending bills and their current status at the Texas Legislature Online website:



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